Character Screens

Here are a variety of screenshots of my characters in game. :)

Marin De'Groth

Practicing his spells


Silaria (look it's me!) ;)

Pondering the Pub

Meeting the White Guar

Wanders A Lot

Wanders A Lot II

"Lady, watch where you put that thing!"



TESCS Building Screens
I've also plunked around with the construction set to make some various mods, that obviously went unfinished due to me getting into more than I could handle. I still like the look of the tomb I did originally so here are screens of what it looks like. It was supposed to have tons of levels and many quests. Maybe if I learn to script I could get this done (yeah right Sil!).
Thylian Tomb

Alchemy Room

Ceremony Prep Room

Botanical Garden

Apprentices Sutdy Halls

Plasin De'Groth

Pot and Kettle Pub

Jail Area

"I'd like a beer, please."

Central Apprentice Chambers

Discovering grisley remains


Dungeon Area

Living Area

Ceremonial Chambers

Tree House

Living Area

Looking up

The Stairs at night

Garden Statue

Alchemy Lab

Looking from afar