Clothing Plugins

Sils_Clothing_Vendor_v1.2 (Better Bodies)
Version: 1.2 (no expansions required)

Description: *Updated* Some meshes were not pointing to their correct texture, as well as not showing up in game. This version corrects that.

Lots of new shirts added to a new vendor in Gnisis. Make sure you read the READMENOT first as there are some issues with this mod. Nothing too critical, but just as an FYI.

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Sils_UCM_Shirt 01 (Better Bodies)
Version: 1.0 (no expansions required)
Description: This shirt mesh is geared for Better Bodies v2.0 and contain both male and female meshes. There is more information about this file in the READMENOT. Please read it before using the mesh!
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Robe of Light
Version: 1.1 (no expansions required)
Description: A new retextured robe based off Hurdy Gurdy's mesh. *EDIT* Sleeves are now fixed and also added a BH Argo body texture alternative! :)
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Ultimate Clothing Mod - Skirts
Version: 1.1 (no expansions required)

Description: *updated* Cleaned the file to get rid of the GMSTs that were causing some errors. This was back in the day when I was pretty unfamilar with cleaning mods, so here is a version that shouldn't cause any errors with the game. Also fixed a loading error in Arrille's Tradehouse!

Adds 51 new retextures into Morrowind merchants. Readme has more info.

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Alternate Download Links: Euro-Morrowind
Short Skirts (not all skirts are shown)

Medium Skirts

Long Skirts



Version: 1.0 (no expansions required)
Description: Adds 10 new kilts in various merchant shops. Read-me discloses locations.
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Alternate Download Links: Euro-Morrowind and Morrowind Source