27 February 2005 - I'm taking a long modding haitus, folks. Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about where my future is going and I haven't been really happy coming to the understanding that my modding and gaming has taken number one status in the grand scheme of things. So for a while, everything is going on hold and I won't be updating this page for a while. Sorry. I might end up coming back and starting again, but I might not. It just depends on what the future holds for me.

05 February 2005 - Added a new pic to the WIP page in regards to the Dark Lords armor. I got his boots now in game, now it's a matter of getting the texture for it done. :D

30 January 2005 - Been working more on the Sauron Armor today and managed to get it in game. I'm having issues with the blasted thing again, but that's not unusual for gloves since they tend to be the most resistant to work. I've got more screenshots up on the WIP, some texture work on the gauntlets, one of the very basic boot, and some ingame stuff. I decided to go ahead and put the ring on his finger, but you won't be able to take it off. :p

7 January 2005 - Today I got back from a short trip from New Mexico. Had to validate a manual we are building and actually got a lot done in two days. Anywho, the coolest thing? When I got home Sauron was waiting for me on my backdoor step! Yeap, the Dark Lord himself finally came, all packaged in his brown Amazon.com box, freezing his little voice box and red blinking eyeballs off. That's good news actually. Well, not for Sauron... wonder how long he'll resent me for allowing him to freeze his plastic keester off over night? BUT now at least I have some good solid reference to complete that Sauron Armor when that time comes around. I'm so amazed at the level of detail they can cram into these dolls now adays... its incredible. But enough of me droning on about that... I'll probably be pouncing back on the armor again soon. :) Minus side: Sauron's voice box sounds really garbled... I think the really cold weather did something to his electronics. :(

2 January 2005 - Woo! Bring in the new year! Man I can't believe how time flies anymore. You blink and the year has gone by already. Hard to believe I've had this site functioning as long a I have. :-p Anyway, I've got a new piccy up in the WIP page. I can hear the chorus of "finish your other WIP first, Sil!!" now but fear not! I'm trying to recover from some anti motivation when it comes to modding. Not to mention I've had a lot of people I've obligated myself to helping with their work too. For a while now I've been working with the Better Clothes team at the Psychodog Studio Forum, so that in itself has chewed up a large bulk of my time. Hang in there folks, I've not forgotten about getting my stuff done. :-)

24 December 2004 - Merry Christmas to one and all! :D Just tiny update, Soulphire's Continuum and Vvardenfell and Beyond are two new affiliates to my site. Please take the time to stop over there and take a gander!

20 November 2004 - There's a new page up for resource files. So far I've uploaded the latest clothing I've done. Read the readme since some of the meshes do not come with alphas. Not many don't though. =)

25 Oct 2004 - Last update I swear! Reuploaded the newest mod since it still had tons of GMSTs in it. It's nice and clean now. :) I also packed the mod as an ACE file which reduced the size from 13 meg to 8.

24 Oct 2004 - Had to make a few updates to the latest release! Please go redownload in order for things to take affect. Or, you can go to http://www.psychodogstudios.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=89749#89749 and download the latest updates!

23 Oct 2004 - New mod in the plugins area! Go download but make sure you read the readme first. There were some issues this time around. :-/

12 Oct 2004 - I've been a little bit busy. Too much modeling and not enough updating. :-) Here's the scoop, I'm working on a new mod... one that's a little larger than my last few I've released. I've got more screenshots over in the WIP page, so go check it out. =)

29 July 2004 - Deleted a link that was pointing people to a porn site. o.O Please note that was completely unintentional and I apologize if anyone clicked that link. It's been a while since I've been able to do any work on my computer, and as a result my mods have sort of been hanging in limbo. I'm hoping to get some spare time... *crosses fingers* but I've been very busy with my full time job and right now even working on mods feels like more work to me. I just need a long break from things so I can refresh my system. :-(

28 June 2004 - Just a quick update. Since Silaria's hair style was so requested, I decided to release it. It's a little bit different from the screenshots, however I almost like it better this way than the old way. Go download the new mesh in the races section.

9 June 2004 - Well it's another time to update the site and I do believe that my vision for this site has finally reached its end. It was fun working in Dreamweaver and learning this stuff... now if only I could get this update box to get a static scroll bar feature I'd be fully set! Aside from the change, I added a new screenshot in the new WIP section. It's just a simple puffy sleeved shirt I redid to better work with Better Bodies. The texture is still very much a WIP. This shirt will have several varients, including a ruffled collar version that I need to tweak before I can post any half way decent screenshots.